Saturday, January 19, 2008


Our trip wasn't all fun-you-can-have-with-fondue. We actually did get in some skiing/boarding. It snowed steadily the first day, and intermittently the second, but that didn't stop us. We're not fair weather skiers. I finally remembered the camera on the third day, which actually happened to be partly sunny. We even saw some of the famous Colorado Rocky Mountains a couple of times. Sort of.

Proof that we were actually there. Can you tell it was COLD?Note how close together my skis are! When I'm not moving.

This is the view of my son that I had most of the time:
And then he would disappear in the distance. I would ski down and find him waiting for me. Can you tell it was COLD?
For lunch we stopped at The Last Lift Bar. His t-shirt says "Intelligunt Desine." Wonder what kind person got him that for Christmas? Is that a small furry animal attacking his chin? Yikes!

On our way down the mountain in the afternoon there was a photographer taking action shots:
Hmm. Maybe I should stop mugging for the camera and concentrate on my stance. That could be a photo of my son, or it could be a photo of any number of boarders on the mountain dressed exactly alike. Did I mention it was COLD?


Kia said...

great pix...but I can't see some of them, just boxes with red X

Laurie said...

They all are showing up on my computers. I tried it on a Mac and a Dell, and with four different browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and AOL). My parents and son were able to see it. I re-uploaded it to see if that works. Let me know. Thanks!

artificialhabitat said...

I get the impression it was COLD! :-)

When I view the page in FeedDemon (my RSS reader) it did 'X' out some of the pictures. They show up fine in Firefox.....curious

Laurie said...

Now they are disappearing when I look at them! I went to my Picasa Web Album, and about 5 photos were no longer on there. I don't know how I deleted them, but somehow I must have. It's either that or web-poltergeists. Check now--I re-uploaded them. Hopefully they'll work. Of course I now probably have a whole load of useless html code in there that doesn't link to anything...

Kia said...

I can see all of them now. It looks like you guys had a great time. I'm so jealous...I want to go snowboarding! Of course, I would be on by butt most of the way down on a mountain like that.