Saturday, July 12, 2008

Doing what comes naturally

Some photos of my recent vacation with my aunt and cousin visiting from England.

Yes way.

Balancing at Muir Woods (Bill watching nervously)

Balancing at Lake Tahoe (note the smoky haze)

Hanging on the outside of a Cable Car, San Francisco*

Sparkling wine tasting at Mumm in Napa Valley

My cousin Gwen
Bumpass Hell, Mount Lassen Volcanic National Park

I told her not to go past the sign...

More photos soon.
*No, that's not '80s big hair. It's the wind. Really.


Anonymous said...

Nice photos. That wine tasting looks fun.

Barry Leiba said...

Well, hey...
You copied my trip in May: SF, Muir Woods, Napa. I hope you had as grand a time as we did!

Laurie said...

Chaplain - It was. It was the second time in two months that I went to the Mumm winery. I recently tagged along with a friend who had a job interview in the area. Even tasted the same wines, I liked them so much the first time!

Barry - We had a great time! It's not quite as far for me to go to those places, though. Mostly day trips. I will post a couple of photos of birds later, but I couldn't get any good ones of the two pileated woodpeckers we saw in Muir Woods. They wouldn't come close enough or sit still.