Sunday, September 28, 2008

Debate thoughts

We watched the presidential debate Friday night. I've never wanted to watch a debate before, and I don't remember ever watching one all the way through, but I was really looking forward to this one (maybe I'm finally growing up?). I spent most of the debate e-mailing back and forth with my friend M (I have three friends M) who was watching on a different channel, while Bill yelled periodically at the TV. Ok, I admit I yelled, too.

McCain spent a lot of his time telling folksy stories, while Obama actually explained his stance on the issues.

I thought that both candidates did quite well, but the main things we all noticed (me, M, and Bill) was the body language. Obama addressed many of his comments to McCain while looking directly at him, while McCain almost never looked at Obama, and leaned away most of the time, Even when they shook hands.Charles Dharapak/AP Photo

Obama actually addressed McCain directly, calling him "John," while McCain spoke only to Jim Lehrer, using the third person, "Senator Obama." The condescending and frequent "Senator Obama does not understand this issue," only irritated me because it was obviously not true.

I can't wait for the vice-presidential debate, although I'm going to have to have someone tape it for me, as I have band rehearsal that night. I mentioned to a kindly little old lady while I was volunteering at the Charlie Brown for Congress office yesterday that it should be painful to watch. She startled me by vehemently exclaiming,"I hope so!" (Maybe I should re-think the little old lady part. She might get mad)

After all this, I'm still up in the air about who to vote for* because McCain is obviously a closet Pastafarian.


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Kia said...

I would like to watch the debates but I can't stay awake. The debates are broadcast live at 9 pm in the Eastern time zone. I know that is only 6 pm in the Pacific time zone, but hey-I need my beauty sleep.