Friday, February 27, 2009

Deer, oh deer

A couple of weeks ago, Bill and I watched the first episode of last season's Grey's Anatomy on DVD, which involved Izzy saving the life of a deer that had been hit by a car. The deer was played by a cheesy animatronic deer until it jumped up after Izzy zapped it with the paddles. Then it was played by a real one.

We recently started watching the first season of Crossing Jordan from 1991, and the episode we just watched involved the exact same animatronic deer. Seriously. The EXACT SAME ONE! There must be a limited supply of animatronic deer, because I don't even think that they are on the same networks. It was lying on the table in the morgue moaning and weakly lifting it's head, and I kept yelling, "Zap it with the paddles! It'll be fine! Zap it with the paddles!"

Unfortunately they generally don't have crash carts in morgues, so they had to wait for someone to sing Love Me Tender to the nearby dead Elvis impersonator, which apparently has the same effect.

CLARIFICATION: The Elvis impersonator was dead; he wasn't impersonating dead Elvis. That would just be gross.

UPDATE: Someone pointed out that there could be numerous identical animatronic deer, which could just give the appearance of there being only one. Maybe each network has one.

UPDATE 2: Bill pointed out that the Crossing Jordan episode was from 2001. I've never been very good with subtraction. Unless my son reads this, in which case, I am GREAT at subtraction and I use math in my job EVERY DAY


Lesley said...

I TOTALLY remember that episode of Crossing Jordan. (I love CJ. It never got the attention or accolades it deserved.) And I like your version of things better. I'd like to believe there is only ONE animatronic deer and he is in great demand and travels from network to network and show to show making a MINT on his particular, highly-in-demand, very unique skill set. You go, Animatronic Deer!

And I have been here reading. Why the hell have I never commented before? I am always slow getting off the ground with these things. Durrrr.

Laurie said...

Ok, that comment got both an LOL and a :-)