Friday, April 3, 2009

Brilliant post. Did I say brilliant? I meant boring.

I haven't posted recently, and I think that, along with Mr Farty, this may be my crappiest post ever. Not that Mr Farty's post was crappy. It was totally awesome! It said so in the title.

Right now, I could either be sewing my pirate costume full pirate regalia for an upcoming Flying Spaghetti Monster party, or writing this post, or sleeping. I've had a couple of gin and tonics, and if I can do this:sober, imagine what I can do completely drunk slightly tipsy. (Sorry for anyone who already saw this on Twitter (Hi Lesley!!). Strike while the iron is hot, unless you're ironing suedecloth. That works better on medium. (Speaking of Twitter, as soon as I twittered about male and female strippers, The Bloggess started following me. I'm just sayin')

[WARNING: Completely arbitrary change of topic]
Remember the post about Twister the one-eyed wonder horse? You know. The post before last? Someone (named David) pointed out to me that perhaps Twister is NOT soaking his hay to soften it up, but is, in fact brewing his own alcoholic beverage. A sort of hay beer. He does occasionally bump into things, which I attributed to his blindness, but maybe he's just tipsy.


Mr Farty said...

I did already see this on Twatpic. I know it's made of suedecloth, but WTF is it?

Laurie said...

Oh, sorry. It's one of the ties to go around the bottom of my breeches. Told you it was boring.

Lesley said...

First of all, both you and Mr. Farty need to revisit what actually makes a boring post. (That is called going onto my blog. HAHA!) Just like I told him, I will tell you: I love this post! (I snort-laughed in more than one place.) I will also tell you this: OMG YOU'D BETTER POST SOME PICS OF YOU IN YOUR PIRATE REGALIA. Otherwise? I am going to feel very, very, very gypped. Seriously.

And in conclusion: I swear, someday you and Twister and I are going to have to share some drinks together. You know, in the same location. Probably – I'm guessing – Twister's barn??

Kia said...

acracAll my bookmarks were obliterated when our computer croaked. I thought you had started posting in Russian until I realized I forgot to type in the "bright" part of your URL.
I'm not drunk, but have been at work all day, which causes even more loss of brain function.