Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Go to your chiropractor to protect yourself FROM SWINE FLU???!

I found a link to this article on Planet on the James Randi website. I'm really hoping it's a farce, but I'm afraid that's just wishful thinking. The article indicates that if you're adjusted twice a week, your immune system will be "boosted by 400%! Sounds good, except there is no scientific evidence for this whatsoever. The only thing that will be boosted will the the chiropractor's pocket book.

I can't believe that people actually BELIEVE this crap! Bullshit like this just make me see red. The only reason to go to a chiropractor is for a good massage, which can also be gotten via a good physiotherapist. These people are just stealing your money. The only thing listed in the article that will actually help protect you from swine flu is washing your hands.


Barry Leiba said...

Nearly all the "alternative medicine" stuff is just stealing your money. It amazes me that people continue to believe it all, despite having no evidence that any of it works, apart from friend-of-a-friend stories of dubious origin.

The justification for belief that I usually hear is something along the line of, "Well, you don't know. The doctors don't know how to cure you, and these people just might have something. You don't know."

Well, no, we don't know... which is why we do studies. But as soon as you try to trot out "science" to any of the believers, they glaze over like the men on "Scrubs" in response to "Shoe shopping." And then they talk about conspiracies, and what "they don't want you to know."


Steph said...

This kind of thing makes me laugh. I can't believe people actually buy this kind of idea, but apparently they do since chiropractors haven't all closed up shop. (And is it just me, or does it seem like there are twice as many chiropractors today as there were a few years ago?)

Laurie said...

Barry and Steph - I love the quote from Tim Minchin's beat poem, Storm"By definition...
alternative medicine...
has either not been proved to work,
or has been proved not to work.
Do you know what they call alternative medicine that has been proved to work?

Note to self - I need to badger Bill into watching more Scrubs. We have the 1st season on DVD, but we've only seen the pilot so far.

Lesley said...

Man, I love a good rant. And I am in full agreement here! Because you KNOW people fall for this crap and it's maddening!!


artificialhabitat said...

Careful what you say. You don't want to get sued for libel

Laurie said...

Lesley - As Dr. Dean Edell says, people always attribute the last thing they took/did/thought to getting better, when in reality, they would have gotten better anyway. Well, he says something like that, anyway.

Andrew - No kidding...

Barry - we've now watched the second and third episodes of Scrubs! Thanks for reminding me we had it.