Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Prince's Rainforest Campaign

Not much of a post, but this wouldn't fit in my sidebar. I was floored at the speed of the counter at the top of this page displaying the m2 of rainforest that has been destroyed since the page is opened. It is really, really depressing.

On the other hand, Princes William and Harry are really cute in this video.


Kia said...

Today's reason to be depressed?
I have another reason. There was a program on PBS (Nova) about supervolcanoes. They said Yellowstone park is on top of a supervolcano that is due to explode and devastate the entire North American continent.

Brother Phil said...

Kia, you're depressed? At least you've lived 250 years. I've just had a measly 42.
A geologist has called for the evacuation of everyone within 200 miles of Yellowstone.


Happily, I don't know any of the people who live that close and will certainly die.

Laurie said...

Pfft. 200 miles won't be enough if the supervolcano explodes. I think we need to start terraforming the moon NOW!

I think I need to do another post just to keep my brother entertained. He's obviously bored while recuperating from surgery.

Brother Phil said...