Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fang, Attack Rabbit

This is Fang, attack rabbit or rabit as my son used to spell it before his girlfriend found him the sign, because apparently you can get into COLLEGE in this country without knowing how to spell. Fang (no relation to Phyllis Diller) is also known as Bun Bun, Mr. Bunny, and sometimes Mr. Evil Bunny, but he probably thinks his name is, "No, he is NOT a rodent!" because my husband knows how to push my buttons. He's half English Spot and half Norwegian Dwarf, so he's not very big.Smokey doesn't look too concerned.

Fang currently resides in the kitchen, because my son went off to college, and we were afraid he would die of starvation or thirst if we left him back in my son's bedroom. He has my husband wrapped around all of his lucky little feet. All Fang has to do is balance on his hind legs and roll his eyes pathetically at Bill, and Bill says,"Look! He's hungry. Poor little rodent" (actually he says poor widdle wodent) And while I'm saying, "He is NOT a rodent, he's a lagomorph" Bill is getting a treat out of the fridge, and Fang is racing happily around his cage. He doesn't even try it with me because he knows he won't get anywhere. My son recently found a rabbit toy ball with a bell, so now he also can be really annoying and ring his ball when he thinks we're not paying him enough attention. The ball takes the place of his favourite chew toy - electrical cords. No cord is safe if Fang can get to it. My son either had them strung up on the wall, or behind the bed. I think he likes the mild electric zap he must get as he chews through. Many of the cords in the house now look like this:

I say. Do you mind getting that camera out of my face?


Mr Farty said...

Aw, da kute wodent!

btw, you have won a prize! Please send $5,000 to Nigeria to secure your winnings.

Brother Phil said...

One: As her brother and a safety engineer, I am ashamed to see such careless disregard for safety. PLEASE replace that electrical cord. IF not, at least include a disclaimer.

Two: Invest in a fire extinguisher or two. Put one in the kitchen, the other in the garage.

Brother Phil

Laurie said...

Mr. Farty, he is NOT...Oh, I give up. You remind me of Bill for more than just one reason.

Brother Phil,
I'm glad I didn't post the photo where I found actual bare wires in your nephew's room. We go through A LOT of electrical tape around here.

We have a fire extinguisher in the garage and one in the closet. Is that good enough?

Sister Laurie