Thursday, July 2, 2009

And introducing...Clio!

Alright, already! I'm being badgered by someone who shall remain nameless to post some photos of our new kitty, Clio. A little while after both Kitty and Isis (yes, she's the gorgeous fluffy goofball in the fishtank) died within a month of each other, Bill thought we should get a kitten. I did a little online research and found a cat rescue place nearby, so we went over. It turned out the woman and her husband also rescue horses (no we already have one, thankyouverymuch).

There were cats (and horses) everywhere. We went into the detached mother-in-law's cottage which was entirely devoted to cats. There were about 5 cats who immediately came out to greet us, one of whom was a skinny little long-haired calico who had just been spayed. Bill's eyes literally lit up as soon as he saw her, and she was the first one he picked up. Over the hour and a half we were there, the woman kept bringing more and more cats in to show us. Cats of all ages, but mostly Maine Coons, Ragdolls, Turkish Angoras and Siamese. I wanted to take them all home. Bill couldn't stop picking them up and cuddling them, but he kept coming back to the calico. I finally told the woman that it looked as though he'd fallen in love, and we'd take her. Here is a photo from the day we got her. On the way home, Bill suddenly said, "Clio. I think we should call her Clio after the Greek muse of history." We got her home, and she immediately jumped up and tried to steal my dinner. I pushed her away, and she just looked affronted and swatted at my hand. I pushed again and she swatted again. Bill picked her up and put her on floor. She jumped up again. About 12 times. She doesn't take no for an answer.

She quickly made herself at home.Bill happily smothered in cats.

A few days after we got her, one of her eyes started watering slightly and she started squinting a little. It didn't look very bad, and I didn't think much of it. Then suddenly both eyes started watering and she could hardly keep them open. I figured she had pinkeye, and we had just decided to take her to the vet when they opened on Monday when Alice suddenly got really lethargic and wouldn't come out from under the couch - very un-Alice-like behavior. When we dragged her out, she obviously felt absolutely crappy. Alice is the love of Bill's son's life, and Bill completely freaked out. He rushed her to the outrageously expensive emergency clinic on Sunday, found out she had a very high temperature, and came back with broad-spectrum antibiotics, but no diagnosis.

Bill then took Clio in to our regular vet on Monday, and came back with more broad spectrum antibiotics for both her and Alice, eye ointment, and a diagnosis for both cats. Feline rhinotracheitis or herpesvirus (FHV-1). The antibiotics were to treat the secondary bacterial infections. I was really concerned about my son's 11 year old cat, Smokey, but I'm not sure if she ever got it. She was really sick when I found her next to the road when she was a tiny kitten, and perhaps she had FHV-1 then. She did, however, cough a few times and suddenly completely lose her voice, so I got her some antibiotics too, even though I believe they are way overused. The vet was concerned that she would contract a respiratory infection more easily than the younger cats, and after Kitty and Isis, I was NOT going to lose another cat. We then spent the next two weeks dosing three not-very-happy cats twice a day.

Clio was already looking at us suspiciously before all this, but us grabbing her twice a day, stuffing nasty bubble-gum flavored Clavamox down her throat, and squeezing ointment in her eyes just confirmed all her worries. She still really doesn't want us to catch her and pick her up, although she's getting better about it.

The vet thought she was a very small 8 month old when we got her, and she has grown tremendously over the last couple of months because she never stops eating. I think she was starved before she was rescued. She's supposedly at least part Maine Coon, and they can keep growing for up to five years, so we'll see how big she actually gets. She'll definitely grow out if not up.She's almost as big as Alice now. They love this crunchy tunnel, by the way. Clio loves jumping on it, so we just have to fluff it back up every 3 minutes.I keep interrupting their wrestling to take photos. They stop as soon as the red-eye reduction light comes on.
We even got them all a big new toy from
Please stop flashing that nasty light in my face.


Barry Leiba said...

« She doesn't take no for an answer. »

Of course she doesn't; she's a Maine coon! They are such great cats!

May she live long, and prosper.

Lesley said...

Would you like to take a guess on a scale of 1 to 10 how much I love this post? That's right: 500 GAGILLION BILLION.

What a breathtaking and perfect kitty!!!! I've never had a Maine Coon but I know the breed and Barry is right: They are great, GREAT cats. And I love how she picked you before you even had a chance to pick anyone. That's always how it goes. Heh.

It's almost a given that when a cat has been around a horde of other cats...she's usually caught something. Gus came to me with a nasty ear infection and Moses came to me with ringworm. So it goes. Clio was lucky to have found you to take such good care of her.

I'm so happy for you guys!!! I know what heartbreak you went through and I know how much love you have to give. Lucky, Clio! I look forward to more posts and tweets!

Poodles said...

So adorable! I like cats from a distance (horribly allergic). My vet has a maine coon. Huge cat!

Laurie said...

Barry - She's stopped trying to steal my dinner (I'm too fast for her when it comes to food), but she's decided we're supposed to get up to feed her at 4:30 AM. That hasn't worked yet either, and I very much doubt it ever will. We'll see who caves first...

Lesley - Given the number of cats, I'm surprised she only had one disease. The poor woman was going crazy with a hoard of new cats (including Clio) that had been dumped on her by other rescue associations. She wasn't even sure which paperwork went with Clio.

She is one of the most strikingly colored cats I've ever seen. Bill was also drawn to her because she has a super loud purr - a lot like Kitty, but not quite as loud.

Poodles - At least you're not allergic to dogs! My vet has the most enormous Maine Coon I've ever seen. Well over 20 lbs. He's mostly white with a big tabby spot, so he's called....Spot. I was in there recently (I've been in there a lot recently) and he was coolly staring down a rather large dog who was cowering behind his owners legs under the bench.

Poodles said...

That's about the same size at the one at my vets. My dogs try to sniff his bum. He doesn't appreciate it much.

Kia said...

Love that black stripe on the nose!

Hairslave 24/7 said...

Looks like an infestation to me...

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