Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kitty, the inaugural parade (WOO HOO!), and a faceplant is not a flower

The other night I was startled out of a sound sleep by Bill suddenly sitting up and yelling, "Get off me, you BITCH!!"

I thought perhaps he had had a bad dream, since he never speaks to me this way (he knows better). And I wasn't even touching him, much less on him. "Whas wrong?"

"Kitty just jumped on my head THREE TIMES."

Given the early hour and his lack of sleep I think he can be forgiven for mistaking her for a dog.
My friend S and I happened to be eating lunch today and the inaugural parade was being shown on a big screen TV near us. We were chatting about what a nice car Barack Obama's limousine is and how it’s probably bullet proof and bomb resistant (it is) when President and Michelle Obama got out and started walking. We were saying, "What? What's he doing? He's getting out? No! No! Get back in!!!" It was scary.*

When I told this to another friend (B), she says she wakes up every morning and listens to the news - worrying and half expecting something horrible has happened to him. This is going to be a loooong presidency. I can tell. Especially if he does frightening things like getting out of the car. TWICE!
I did what is termed “a faceplant” yesterday while skiing. I allowed my son to convince me I was good enough to try a funbox in a terrain park. This is a slippery box that you slide down and jump off the end. I did fine the first three times, but then I was feeling a little cocky and tried a bigger one. I'm really glad I wear a helmet, although I have a huge bruise above my eyebrows up past my hairline where my goggles and helmet tried to come through my skull. My head actually bounced. The rest of me is slowly seizing up today - especially my neck and elbow. Yes, this is my daredevil son. Why on earth did I listen to him?
Photos from David and Pete’s very cool wedding will be posted as soon as I can move again.
*We knew the security was out of this world tight. It still made us nervous.


Barry Leiba said...

On a particular news day recently, Charles Gibson said, on ABC's evening news, that when we come back from the following advert break we would see the story about "the first face plant... face transplant... performed in the U.S."

Really, that's what he said.

Kia said...

I have one word for you: alcohol. Mostly for the ski injuries, but probably would help the other two, too.