Monday, May 19, 2008

The Ad-dressing of Platypuses

With all the fundamentalist morons claiming that a platypus is some sort of chimera, I feel as though I have to defend the integrity of my blog title. So with apologies to both T. S. Eliot and The Digital Cuttlefish:

The Ad-dressing of Platypuses

You’ve heard of the platypus from Australia
That is a member of the Class Mammalia
It split off from our family tree
Before we evolved viviparity
When first discovered it caused a ruckus
But was very soon named Ornithorhynchus

But how do you ad-dress a platypus?

It has a bill superficially like a duck
That it uses to dig around in the muck
This “beak” is electro-sensory and more
To locate prey for this carnivore
It does lay eggs, like few mammals other
But young platypus do drink milk from their mother

And contrary to what you may have heard

The venomous ankle spurs the males portray
May help keep other males at bay
And this is hypothesized to be the reason
They are only venomous during breeding season

But do not make the silly MISTAKE
To think the Platypus is part SNAKE

A chimera is a mythical creature
With breathing fire as a prominent feature
Part lion, part serpent, part goat but all Greek
Bellerophon and Pegasus killed this freak

Although the beast was born of Echidna
A platypus is real and is NOT a CHIMERA

A chimaera is a fish of the deep and dark
With a rat-tail and claspers, it’s related to the shark
It also is any organism with genetically different tissues
A chimera can cause the CSI some real issues
Although this might confuse a true believer
The platypus is obviously neither

A chimera is also a wild dream or illusion
This is MUCH more like the creationist’s delusion

The genetics are causing evolutionists no fuss
And this is how you AD-DRESS a PLATYPUS


Cuttlefish said...


Kia said...

Very entertaining post, especially for a Bio-Nerd like me.

AIGBusted said...

Nice Post! I did a write up about how sensationalistic science journalism is feeding the creationists on my blog, Answers in Genesis Busted, and of course gave you and PZ references.


Laurie said...

Cuttlefish - that is an honor coming from you. Thanks!

Kia - From one Bio-Nerd to another - glad you liked it :-)

Ryan - Wow! Another honor. Thanks again!

Mr Farty said...

And I thought the FSM created them as a joke. Thanks for opening my eyes.

Here's one for you. 16% of US science teachers are creationists. How crazy is that?

Laurie said...

Mr Farty - Of course the FSM created them, but I think they were a test run for the migits.

Unfortunately, 16% is not unbelievable. Sad, but believable.