Saturday, March 21, 2009

She blinded me...with Science! She was not blinded because she was wearing her 3D glasses.

If you don't read Um...What??, specifically this post and this post including the comment sections, you COMPLETELY will not understand this post and think that I have perhaps entirely lost my mind (very likely true, but that's beside the point). Note to all my hundreds of both my faithful readers (Hi Pater and Kia!)(because most of my friends, my mother and my brother all refuse to read this blog)(Except David, who DOES read this, and he's my ex-husband! AND he's gay! Which has absolutely nothing to do with anything): GO READ Um...What??!

Proof positive that scientists DO wear 3D glasses. See?
You: Say, aren't those Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D glasses from the DVD?
You: Then why do they say Journey to the Center of the Earth on the side?
Me:........... Hey! (pointing) Look over there! Isn't that Wil Wheaton? He's just this guy, you know?
Also, you can tell from these photos that, not only do scientists wear 3D glasses, they never wear any makeup. Female ones, anyway. The male ones might, if they're English. Oh, wait. That's just women's clothes they wear (will this prompt my British scientist father to comment? Probably not. Maybe Andrew? Great. I've probably just insulted half my readership. I'll just hope that Mr Farty never sees it).

The only real makeup I have is from when I got married and two of my friends M took me to have my makeup done, so its about three years old now (married to Bill, not to David - that makeup would be 22 years old now)(Note to self: Find out if makeup ever goes bad).

Then there's the professorial look:
(Note to self: Make sure you clean your lunch debris off your computer desk prior to any future photo shoots. Oh, and put some makeup on, will ya?)
Like my Hallucigenia mug from Charlie's Playhouse?

Special thank you to the Wildlife Forensics Lab for the loan of the lab coat and glassware (yes, really - you don't even want to know what smells occasionally waft down the halls at work. You should have been there the day the guys in my office accidentally left a net they found that had contained three dead otters ON MY DESK!!! (yes, there are evil people in the world who do nasty things to poor innocent wildlife, but that's for another post). The guys had been out counting salmon carcasses (the salmon died of natural causes) and APPARENTLY COULDN'T SMELL IT which was almost completely unbelievable to the rest of us standing in the hallway - because you couldn't actually go into the room without vomiting gagging. They figured that it was OK, since they had taken the otters out (I am really, really glad I have my own office now).

I would also like to give a really special thank you to my friend S who enthusiastically took the photos.

UPDATE: On reading through this again, I think I could almost rival (((Billy))) the Atheist for number of parentheses. Almost.


Mr Farty said...

You're ok, I didn't read this post because I am blind. Which you won't get unless you read The Bloggess and all the comments.

I'm off to try on that new skirt. Er, kilt. Yeah.

Hairslave 24/7 said...

I didn't read any of the posts (well I glanced, but only for a second)(really). I still laughed! And I'm ashamed of your parents. You can even tell them (but now I'm scared)(mainly of your mother!).

Laurie said...

Mr Farty - Blind seems to be the new black. Unless that insults someone. Then it's the new pink.

David - Seriously? Who isn't at least a little afraid of my mother?

Lesley said...

Oh my GOD, woman. This is the most hysterical post – and NOT because you pimped my blog, although that is so nice of you. I love how I throw out some random, ridiculous 3D glasses thing and you RUN WITH IT AND MAKE IT ONE GAGILLION BILLION LEVELS OF AWESOME. (The line about not wearing makeup made me laugh out loud.) This is the perfect example of what it is I dig about blogging. Finding bloggers I love and gettin' all creative together. (Although I get this gem, and you get....a picture of your head Photoshopped on a floating chair. That seems kind of uneven.)

Why is Mr. Farty blind? Must go investigate...

Laurie said...

Lesley - I asked Bill if we had any 3D glasses, and he said there were some in one of our DVDs, but it was away at college with one of the kids. I actually had to wait for the 3D glasses to come home for spring break. When you posted my head on your comfy chair, I said to Bill, "This is GREAT, but DARN! She beat me to putting 3D glasses on me!"

I think the 3D glasses have actually gone back to college with one of the other kids. Hopefully, they're taking some science classes, because none of our kids are.

Bayesian Bouffant, FCD said...

I don't get the joke. Of course scientists wear 3D glasses

Bayesian Bouffant, FCD said...

More scientists wearing 3D glasses:

Anonymous said...

Your use of parentheses is admirable. However, you need to nest the parentheses (without nesting, they cannot propagate (and without propagation, what is the point of life (other than (of course) beer (not to mention really good tamales)))) for the full effect.

Anonymous said...

And thanks for pimping my blog.