Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Scenes from Truckee

Not much of a post. Just a series of photos from the Truckee area.

The Truckee River is the only outlet to Lake Tahoe. Although Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the United States, the dam at the lake outlet can raise the lake elevation six feet. This may not sound like a lot, but as the lake has a surface area of 191 square miles, this adds up to quite a bit of water. Here is a view from the dam looking toward the lake:

And of the dam itself:The Truckee River a little further downstream. A little later on in the season, this tranquil scene is completely obliterated by bank-to-bank large blue rafts:Here are the rafts piled up and waiting to go: Whitewater is somewhat of a misnomer in the section of the Truckee that they go down.

Squaw Valley:
Right now it's a big wet meadow.

Spot the mergansers:
When he noticed me taking the photos, the male merganser swam and hid behind the log. Typical.

The Donner Pass Bridge:
Sometimes called Rainbow Bridge. Even though it's grey.

Not very good camoflage. Unless they're really Porsches:

As I rode by, I noticed these guys had two bags full of wooden stakes. They must be really worried about vampires!

It was really WINDY!


Brother Phil said...

Don't be silly. Vampires don't exist! I'm almost certain the wooden stakes were meant to mark locations. Most likely they are marking the footprints of the GIANT CHICKEN!

Laurie said...

So they finally figured out that the Big Bird (not related to Big Bird on Sesame Street) that terrorizes parts of Texas is just a large chicken.

I think I just wasted a minute and 31 seconds of my life watching that, btw.

Brother Phil said...

I think you've lost some followers. Probably my fault for posting comments in Chinese.