Wednesday, April 2, 2008

God botherers

Sheesh! Two in one day.

I was in a meeting at work today, and this was on a giant post-it note on an easel in the corner of the room.
It reads:

Thank You for being
a blessing for me
May this beautiful Easter Holiday
remind us all to have Faith
I Love You!!
your co-worker

It isn't a great photo because I sneaked back into the room after the meeting and took it with my cell phone. Obviously it has been there a couple of weeks, though.

I work in a government office where this sort of thing usually doesn't happen. The State of California is pretty secular. People don't very often even have overtly religious things in their cubicles. Large photos of Dubya and Laura Bush, yes (I don't care how much you like him, having a photo of the president and first lady in your cubicle is just weird!), and the occasional Governator photo. I sometimes think I should take down my little red letter "A" and "The Brights" pins I have stuck in my cork-board. Very occasionally, there is an e-mail with a religious message in the signature line. I'm pretty sure I know who this person is.

Also today, while at the gym, I had a woman randomly yell across the room at me, "God wants women to have long hair!"

I recently got all my hair chopped really short as I do occasionally. Apparently she felt strongly enough to later move over to the machine next to me and suddenly turn and say, "God loves you! You should let your hair grow and smile more!" I just smiled at her and kept going. From some of the things I heard her tell other people, it was pretty apparent that she wasn't all there, so I wasn't about to start a conversation that could come back to haunt me every time I go to the gym. I don't need that stress. Hmm. Maybe she's right about the smiling part, though...


Kia said...

After the hair comment, I think I'd say (with a perplexed look) "No hablo ingles". Of course, it might be easier for me than you to look the part. No one says anything to me at the gym, except for the guys who ask if I'm finished with a particular weight machine.

I did have a mentally unbalanced person approach me in Wal-Mart parking lot to ask if I believed in Jesus. He must have been convinced I was a heathen based on my purchase of kitty litter on a Sunday morning.

artificialhabitat said...

I once had somebody approach me, asking for directions to the nearest mental hospital.

Must have been one of those asylum seekers.


Laurie said...

Kia - What if she speaks Spanish? Then I'd REALLY be up a creek!

Andrew - Ba-Dum-Ch! You're just lucky you're 6000 miles away....