Friday, April 18, 2008

Un-cloaking device?

Can you find the “stealth” pin in this photo of my corkboard at work?Is it the rainbow trout? No. Is it the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew keychain? No. Is it the Scarlet Letter A? No. I am talking, of course, about the communicator badge. It doesn’t seem to work, though. I’ve tried. Even though Starfleet Command and Starfleet Academy are only about 90 miles away, nobody will beam me up. I really wish they would. This planet is too illogical.

Live long and prosper.


artificialhabitat said...

Cool. I never actually got myself one of those, though I did sort of want one for a time. I've got a nice simple 'atheist' pin that I wear from time to time.

Couldn't help noticing the printout of the image showing the moray eel pharyngeal jaws, on the right there. Also cool.

Laurie said...

I really like that one...I might order it. It probably isn't quite stealthy enough for my corkboard, though.

Yes, the moray is just a really cool fish.